Congress Hires “Asian Kid” as part of new Public Relations Campaign


WASHINGTON- In a move that has left many Beltway observers nodding with approval, lawmakers of both parties revealed that they have hired “a shrugging Asian kid” to spearhead their new public image campaign. Sources have confirmed that this campaign aims to tone down the alarming rate of “complaining, media scrutiny, and public participation” that has sprung up in the capital this year.

When questioned about the move congressional spokesman Richard Stein commented that, “This kid has a real talent. He singlehandedly took down a 100 thousand strong union protest… by shrugging. When you see him shrug, it’s like you tap into the most apathetic, slovenly part of yourself. Suddenly attending a rally or writing to your congressman becomes the furthest thing from your mind. All you want to do is sit in your boxers at home and watch Friends re-runs. I had to take two weeks off work the first time I saw him shrug. I’m telling you, the kid’s good.”