In the Day

In the Day


When the grass and the sidewalk are bright

I know we must go;

We each have obligations…

But no.  Just Stay!

I want to see you this day.

I want to sing our favorite songs

While we drive to the mountains.

Or if you want we can go to the coast

And watch seagulls fly.

I’ll pack us a lunch—I know you will tell me you love it

Even if I burn the toast.

And I’ll love you

Because you’re so nice.

And when the sun is at noon

And the water is blue and at peace,

I’ll face east

You’ll face west

And we’ll kiss

Under the sunlight.

One thought on “In the Day

  1. LisaJFinesse says:

    Wow. I am loving the Love section! Still haven’t finished checking out the other sections, though.

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