Hunting Rites

Hunting Rites

Down into the crags and the cedars,

I walk by rivulets and bleached stone

Past the proud gates of granite

That bear us silent witness.

Down into the timber and the pine musk,

As the dusk begins to veil

The boulder spotted canyon

I kneel to fresh strewn grasses.

Here you’ve left your mark:

Hoof-snapped twigs and upturned sod.

Down again into the trees,

I follow all night by vision fire

If I must.

Because now it’s not my eyes that see,

But what leads me is the eye that guides

The lion of the mountains

The monarch journey South.

And through it I can gaze

Back through my fathers’

Twilight hunt.

Past my mocking collared shirt,

Past my tinfoil dinner,

The letter number combination

I’ve become.

What can purge me but the wind and fire?

And so I’ve brought

This impure weapon,

Coward lightning rod.

The leaves in wind aurora,

There you are.

Your horned majesty

Rises softer than the moon

And your loins betray the might

Behind your pawing,

A wild rose bending in the rain.

And we’ve come to it.

My ashen barrel leveled

Not against your horn,

Which would shatter like the wreckage

Of snarling metal, gaseous fires

On tar-paved roads.

But still I raise this dark steel weapon

Against the terror of continent starvation,

Against cities sprawling naked on the parching earth,

Against the citadels of black tied men,

Against myself.

You pace and are almost free,

But my weapon follows

For the oldest of communions,

In the rites by which we live.

Here is the single golden round

Worth more than blood and nations.

Yes, they’ll despise my gothic dream,

But in them will be entombed

The corral horde of billions.

You’ll be hallowed by the fire.

Forgive me and live on,

I tell myself, and take my mark.

And peering through the eagle eye,

I place you on the cross,

The ancient heathen pyre.

One thought on “Hunting Rites

  1. Unlike you, I love poetry. But I haven’t read nearly enough. Thanks for sharing. I love your imagery and the messages behind this short tale.

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