Buy one Get one Free

Buy one Get one Free


I lit up the oven, 425 degrees.

That’s what the box said—so I did it.

Next thing I know I smell something burning.

Next thing I know the alarm’s going off.

But it was like someone who makes a big deal out of nothing,

because they were just the drippings someone left on the grill.

But the smoke alarm wouldn’t stop howling,

so I got out of there fast as I could.

I drove and drove, like you do when you’re hungry but picky,

picky but cheap.

Finally I saw a sign—Free Pizza.

I called: turns out it was free if you just buy one first.

It figures—America, that’s how they get you.

It’s free, if you buy something first.

It’s freedom—but first pay this much!

But still I thought, two pizzas for five dollars—

that’s practically free!

So I walk in with a hungry smile on my face.

It turns out a pizza’s five dollars—that’s an offer.

But the buy one get one free is an offer too—

and you can’t get two offers in life. You’ve got to choose one.

So now, I’m paying full price.

And the girl says, I can take it back, but I say:

Just give me the pizza.


So now I’m driving home,

and what am I going to do with all this?

The fridge is practically full.

Free Pizza—that’s how they get you.

5 thoughts on “Buy one Get one Free

  1. Jonathan Zachary giusti says:

    Marco your poetry is amazing. Sorry I’ve been so out of touch but I miss you and I’m so happy to enjoy your poetry •. Love *jon g

  2. Hey Lisa! WordPress had blocked your comments, so I just came across them. Thanks so much for the feedback!

    • Alayssaa says:

      I think you should get it from the best buy, not only the back prgroam, but the quick response. And Amazon is good choice too. Hope this would help you,Was this answer helpful?

  3. LisaJFinesse says:

    LOL. Great poem! They get me like that too sometimes, but what can you do? And I hate when my fire alarm goes off.

    • Heiam says:

      I would have to say unreal 3 bcauese it has amazing online gameplay and is insanly fun, bad company seems good but im pretty sure the online modes won’t be all that amazing Was this answer helpful?

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