Minority and Memory.

Interesting article about a great movie.

Reel Insights

Spielberg’s Minority Report contains some of science fiction cinema’s most accurate depictions of future technology. The film’s realistic vision of 2054 emphasises some of the moral questions that the film decides to asks. Precrime, a company dedicated to eliminating murder and violent crime from the streets, use three gifted individuals, named pre-cogs, to predict murders and arrest and punish the culprits before the acts have been committed. The film begins by pointing out that the future may be pre-determined. Yet, when Chief Anderton is faced with a predicted murder committed by himself he has no choice but to run, hide and try to resolve his situation. Minority Report is as much a film noir film as a science fiction film. As we journey with Anderton – played by Tom Cruise – through his struggles to work out his situation and alter the direction of his future, we begin to become…

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