2 thoughts on “Why Apple is the stumbling block in Amazon’s ebook transition

  1. himasif.com says:

    Comments by some of our customers:“After placing my order I received the cross in the mail in just a couple of days! It arrived in perfect condition and the I was very impressed with the detail and craftsmanship.” – Jason L.“The design in this cross is so detailed and beautiful. It’s wonderful to see people working in Christ anyway they can. I can’t wait to see what else is put out here!!” – Shea B.“I got the birth signs today – thank you very much they look fabulous. I love them.” – Dawn M.“I highly reccommend her stuff.” – Jeff V.Regarding an email updating on progress, with picture attached, “You just made me cry….that is beautiful….thanks so much I LOVE IT….” – Tina F.“Preeeettttyyyy!…Thanks for making such a beautiful keepsake for her.” – Anna S.

  2. Kariusca says:

    A fine post by every standards, but i had ecptexted a more personal interaction on your part, as in where you express your detailed opinion as well, but each person has a different style of expressing,hence its fine.

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