Where your Heart Is

We all have a secret deep inside of us… something so secret we ourselves don’t know what it is, or where it comes from. Is it our soul, is it our shadow?
You drift off one day and forget you have been sleeping. You wake up to moonlight seeping through your window. For a moment you do not know where you are, but the feeling of living without a name, without a place, without a body is overwhelming. And you wish that for just another moment, you could stay there, there in that ecstasy that is only your own.

After the boyfriends, the girlfriends, after the latest radio show, the tv show with all the bright faces, the ride in that car that you wanted so much to be invited to ride in, repeated trips to the moon, the earrings, the shoes, the bricks you got the privilege to walk on and the lipstick you earned the privilege to wear, do you still have your heart in its place? Really, where?

Let your darkness help you find it.

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