“HE: Understanding Masculine Psychology”

A great book by Rober A. Johnson; a short but insightful read (read it in one afternoon). Some great quotes:

“Creativity in a man is directly linked with his inner feminine capacity for growth and creation. Genius in a mans is his interior feminine capacity to give birth; it is his masculinity which gives him capacity for putting that creativity into form and structure in the outer world.”

“Goethe, in his masterpiece, Faust, came to the nobel conclusion late in his life that it is the province of man to serve woman. He ends Faust with the lines ‘The enternal Feminine draws us onward’–certainly a reference to the inner woman.”

“The Fisher King wound may coincide with a specific event, an injustice, such as being accused of something we didn’t do. In Dr. Jung’s autobiography he tells that once his professor read all of Jung’s classmate’s papers in the order of their merit, but didn’t read Jung’s paper at all. His professor then said, ‘There is one paper here that is by far the best, but it is obviously a forgery. If I could find the book I would have him expelled.’ Jung had worked hard on the paper and it was his own creation. He never trusted that man, or the whole schooling process, after that.”


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